Cherry Festival in Traverse City Michigan

What a fun weekend in Traverse City!  We enjoyed the air show on Saturday which included the Blue Angels.  It is a loud show but fun to watch.  Saturday’s show started around 2pm (I had read that the show was scheduled 1-3pm; probably there was a malfunction or something which caused the delay.)  Whether you are sitting on a lawn or a sandy beach, be sure to bring lots of water to drink and lots of sun tan lotion.

During our trip, we enjoyed visiting the Traverse City Library twice.  The library belongs to MichiCard here in Michigan that allow library card holders to get library cards at other participating libraries.  It is a wonderful perk to be able to check out books, videos, etc. when traveling to different parts of the state.

Near the library we found a letterbox.  It contained a hitchhiker which has visited several states including Virginia and California.

Traverse City and the surrounding area are home to many letterboxes.  Sadly, we weren’t able to find all of them on this trip.  A highlight from this trip was that we found a couple of mystery boxes:  the stamps were FABULOUS!

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