Turkey Run State Park (Indiana) part 2

(continuing from previous entry)

After stopping at the Turkey Run Nature Center, we decided to explore a little bit of the Rocky Hollow Falls Canyon Nature Preserve.  We were planning to do a lot more hiking the next day but we wanted to get a feel for the trails so we could be better prepared.

As we approached the suspension bridge to enter the nature preserve, we saw this sign for the gulch to our right:

Newby Gulch sign

The next series of photos is the suspension bridge and our family crossing it.

Our family approaching the suspension bridge

Mysteryas crossing the bridge

Looking east from the suspension bridge

Looking west from the suspension bridge

Crossing the suspension bridge, looking east

North end of suspension bridge

Since we only had an hour we knew we wouldn’t get too far.  We chose to hike to Wedge Rock.  We hoped we might get to Punch Bowl but we decided not to go quite that far since we weren’t wearing our hiking boots.

Hiking north along trail 3

Trail 3 near the suspension bridge

Our shoes got a little muddy as we walked through this canyon.

Continuing north on Trail 3

Not too far along the trail, we arrived at Wedge Rock.

Wedge Rock

Continuing north beyond Wedge Rock…

Around the bend from Wedge Rock

North of Wedge Rock

At this point we turned around and returned to the Nature Center and then Turkey Run Inn for checkin and an early dinner.  After dinner we left the park for nearby Cox Ford Covered Bridge.

Cox Ford Covered Bridge (looking north)

Interior of Cox Ford Covered Bridge

Cox Ford Bridge crossing Sugar Creek River (looking northeast)

Both in and out of Turkey Run State Park we saw some Virginia Bluebells.

Virginia Bluebells near Turkey Run State Park

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