Port Hope Hotel

This past weekend we had lunch at the Port Hope Hotel (4405 Main St, Port Hope, MI).  It doesn’t look like much on the outside or even on the inside but at least they root for the right team.  🙂

We enjoyed the Single cheeseburgers (rather than the Leroy burger which is even larger).  The Single cheeseburger was HUGE.  It came with lettuce, several tomato slices, onions, 6-8 pickle slices, and American or Swiss cheese.  All toppings including mayo and bacon are optional.

Alternatives to burgers included the large Chicken Grilla.  It had a huge grilled chicken breast on the bun with lots of choices for toppings (bacon, cheese, etc.).  We also got an order of french fries to share.  For less than $10 per person we departed very full and ready to hit the trail for an afternoon of letterboxing.

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