Letterboxing in the Snow (song)

Mysterina wrote a Christmas-y letterboxing song.

Click to listen to “Letterboxing In The Snow”

It is about 3 minutes long. You can hear all of us (Mysterina, Mysteryas,TrailMark, and MichKathy) on vocals. Enjoy the song!

December 28th, 2010 update: added lyrics:

Dashing through the snow
along the frozen trail.
Hiking through the woods;
it is starting to hail.
The clues say it is near,
inside a 3-trunked tree.
I hope I find it really soon
or else I’m gonna freeze.

Oh… Letterbox! Letterbox!
Boxing in the snow!
Follow clues with toes of blue
so down the trail we go! (repeat)

I think I must’ve passed
this tree a long way back.
They say I’ve gone too far
if I cross a train track.
I think the train track’s here
so I’m turning around.
I’m really getting cold right now.
Soon that box must be found!


Walking down the trail
clues say it’s on the right.
So then it’s on my left.
But is it wrong or right?
I’m checking every tree.
Now here’s a 3-trunked one.
Clues say that it’s in a hole.
Fin’ly I’m almost done!


I think I’ve found a hole.
Inside it’s full of bark.
I’m poking my stick in.
Yes! It’s the box! Oh hark!
I pull out stamp and ink.
My ink pad’s frozen crisp.
I’ll have to thaw it up
and hope that I don’t freeze my lips!


I’m quickly stamping in
before my things freeze more.
The rest of this long day
I think I’ll spend indoors.
I’m headed down the trail
with toes and fingers numb.
Look there’s the car its right
ahead; at last now I am done.


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