Agent Team: Death Man Chapter 4—Listening

None of the Agents said a word as they crept around the grove of trees. It was relatively empty except for a stump and some low bushes. The Agents carefully peeked into the bushes and examined the stump and the trees in the grove, but there was no sign of the men.

Suddenly Agent T froze. He/she put his/her finger to his/her lips. All the Agents stopped what they were doing to determine what was going on. Then there was a sound; the faint sound of someone talking. Agent J gestured to the other Agents to follow him/her and led everyone out of the clearing where it was safe to talk.

“Did you hear that?” asked Agent T. “I could hear someone talking, and it was probably the men.”
“I didn’t hear anything,” replied Agent H, somewhat annoyed. “Where were you standing?”
“Right near the stump,” Agent T replied.
“Then maybe that’s where the entrance to their base is!” exclaimed Agent P.

Just then Agents M, S, and Q came walking down the trail.
“Did you find anything?” asked Agent M excitedly.
“We didn’t find any entrance to their base, but we could hear them talking,” replied Agent A. “We think their base might be near the stump.”
“Can you show us?” asked Agent Q.
“Sure,” replied Agent N. “Let’s go!” He/she turned to walk back into the clearing.

So the group of followed Agent N back to the clearing. There all the Agents gathered around the stump and waited quietly. Sure enough, they could hear the faint murmur of voices, too quiet to understand. Then Agent H signaled the other Agents and they exited the grove.

“I just got a great idea!” exclaimed Agent S, once they were out of the grove. “We should use the listening glass technique to listen to what they’re saying.”
“The listening glass technique? What’s that?” asked Agent P.
“It’s when you put a glass against a wall or other surface so you can hear what the people on the other side are saying.” replied Agent S.
“That’s a great idea!” exclaimed Agent M. “Does anyone want to run down to the hideout to get one?”
“I will,” volunteered Agent S.
“And I’ll go with XXXXXXXXX,” added Agent H. “We’ll grab a few of them so we can use more than one at a time.

So the two Agents set off down the trail and soon returned with three listening glasses. Then the Agents reentered the grove of trees.
Once the Agents were gathered around the stump, Agents H, S, and M took the listening glasses and placed them against the stump. Then they crouched down and placed their ears against the glasses. Sure enough, they could hear the men talking.

“But then what? How will we get away?” asked the Man’s comrade.
“I’m not sure,” replied the Man. “The FBI will have guards at every exit and immediately begin a search of the area. I’m thinking we might want to stash the guns and find disguises.”
“Couldn’t we hide on the roof of the building?” asked the Man’s comrade.
“No, but maybe we can go up to the roof and then climb down the fire escape. That’s a great idea!” exclaimed the Man.
“So, will we walk or will there be a car to drive us away?” inquired the Man’s comrade.
“I’m thinking we’ll use skateboards,” the Man replied. “Then we can ride to the train station and take the train out of town and far, far away. Then we’ll begin a long tour of Canada, with just the two of us, of course.”
“I’m always astounded by your genius plans,” the man’s comrade replied. “And now I’m off to practice my skateboarding.”

Agents S, H, and M looked up from their glasses and signaled for everyone to leave the clearing. Once they were outside the clearing Agent M didn’t stop. “Keep moving!” he/she exclaimed. “The men will be coming any moment!”
The Agents finally stopped once they reached their hideout. Here, Agents M, S, and H told the other Agents what they’d heard.

“Those men are definitely up to something,” worried Agent J. “Something really big. I think we should call the police.”
“And tell them what? We don’t have any real proof that they’re doing anything wrong,” countered Agent H. “Besides, what about the FBI?”
“I still haven’t heard from them,” Agent M sighed. “We might want to try a different method of reaching them.”
“Plus, would anyone really believe us?” asked Agent A. “Like you said, we don’t have any proof.”
“We should have recorded their conversation,” sighed Agent Q.
“In the future we’ll have to record all of their conversations,” agreed Agent M.
Just then Agent P gasped. “Wow, it’s getting late. I really have to get going.”
“Yeah, me too,” agreed Agent T.
“I make a motion that we adjourn the meeting until tomorrow,” declared Agent J.
“I second that motion!” exclaimed Agent N.
“This meeting is now adjourned,” announced Agent M. “We’ll meet back here tomorrow at XX:XX.”

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