Agent Team: Death Man Chapter 6—Planning

So the Agents began to compose a letter to the President of the United States. Agent Q pulled out a piece of paper and began to write.

Dear Mr. President,

“What should I say?” he/she asked. “Should I say who we are? Should I tell him to inform the FBI?”
“Tell him that he is in danger, and he can check with Agents X and L to know that we are trustworthy,” suggested Agent M.
“Make sure you include where we’re from and when and where the men are trying to kill him,” advised Agent H.
So Agent Q wrote,

We are the XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX of XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXX. Ask Agent X or Agent L if you do not know who we are. We are writing to inform you that you are in danger of being killed. We have uncovered a plot in which two men plan to kill you when you give your speech in XXXXXXXX at the XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX. Please inform Agents X and L, the rest of the FBI, and the Secret Service so that they can protect you and investigate these men.

“How’s this?” he/she asked, holding it up for the rest of the Agents to see.
“Looks good to me,” declared Agent T.
“I like it,” agreed Agent J.
“You should go home and type it up,” suggested Agent P. “Then bring it next time we meet, so we can all sign it.”

“Sure,” agreed Agent Q, “But I still think we need to come up with a plan to stop the men before they try to kill the President. The FBI might not receive word on time, and the President might think that it’s a hoax. We won’t try anything too dangerous, and we might just save the President from being killed.”

“But how can we stop the men from shooting the President without putting ourselves in danger?” asked Agent T.
“You know, we don’t actually have to stop the men form shooting the President. Maybe we can just stop the bullet from hitting the President,” suggested Agent H.

“You’re right!” exclaimed Agent N. “We could just tackle the President right before the men shoot him!”
“That’s a great idea, except I’m not sure we’ll be able to,” contradicted Agent S. “The Secret Service will be guarding him and they’d never let us tackle him.”
“Maybe we could dive in the path of the bullet at the last second,” suggested Agent P.
“But we’d get hurt or maybe even killed!” objected Agent J.
“Better us than the President,” Agent S pointed out.
“Still, it might not be the best idea. Even if we succeed, we’d be exposed. You can’t easily hide a bullet wound,” argued Agent Q.
“I think that diving in the path of the bullet should be a last resort. In the meantime, let’s try to come up with a better plan to save the President,” advised Agent M.

“Maybe we could block the bullet with something else, like a shield, instead of blocking it with our bodies. It would be a lot less dangerous, and easier to hide,” suggested Agent T.
“That’s a great idea!” cried Agent H. “Only what would we block the bullet with?”
“We could make a shield out of wood,” suggested Agent J. “XXXXX XXXXXXXX could probably do it.”
“But how would we ask without revealing what we need it for?” asked Agent A. “We’d have to tell them about the Agent team and then we’d have to disband.”
“I know!” exclaimed Agent P. “We can make the shield out of cardboard. Then we could easily find materials without having to ask anyone.”
“But cardboard wouldn’t really stop a bullet!” objected Agent M.
“It might not stop the bullet, but maybe it will block the President so the men can’t see where to shoot him,” put in Agent T.
“And if the men can’t see the President, they won’t be able to shoot him accurately,” agreed Agent H.
“Yeah. We don’t have to stop the bullet, we just have to prevent it from hitting the President,” agreed Agent S.

“But wouldn’t it look really suspicious if we suddenly wave a bunch of cardboard shields in the air?” Agent H objected.
“Maybe we could disguise them as campaign posters,” suggested Agent N.
“Yeah! Then we could just wave them in the air right before the men shoot!” exclaimed Agent Q. “It’s perfect!”
“I can get the cardboard,” volunteered Agent T.
“But we don’t know exactly when the men are going to shoot. We’d have to wave the posters the whole time, and that would look suspicious,” Agent J pointed out.
“Plus we’d be blocking other people’s view,” added Agent H.
“We need to find out exactly when the men are going to attack the President,” determined Agent P.
“We’ll have to listen to more of their conversations,” agreed Agent A.
“Let’s go right now!” exclaimed Agent N. “We can go to their hideout and use the listening glasses, like we did last time!”
“Uh, guys, look at the time. We really don’t have time to go eavesdrop on the men,” countered Agent S.
“Good point.” agreed Agent M. “Next time remember to bring voice recorders, and the letter. We’ll sign it, and eavesdrop on the men!”

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