Sanford Road Park

Last week we were helping a family in Milan pack up their kitchen.  Afterwards we promised the kids we would go to a park to play and letterbox.  Sanford Road Park was very close so we went there first.  As it turns out there are 3 parts to the park, a horse riding arena, soccer fields, and “Field of Dreams” which is an open area for flying remote control airplanes.

Many years ago, we visited this park (specifically the “Field of Dreams” area).  We wanted to check it out to see if it would be a suitable location for launching model rockets.  We also wanted to take Mysterina on a short fall color hike.

This time we had beautiful weather and not too many muggles.  Our first stop was checking out the horse arena.  Surprisingly, no one was in this part of the park.  The kids wanted to explore the entire fenced arena but I discouraged it since I knew they’d want to play elsewhere.  We quickly found the letterbox (very nice hand-carved stamp!).

Next we moved on to the Field of Dreams (there were soccer games being played in that part of the park).  No one else was here either so we were on our way to the letterbox.  On our previous visit (years ago) we had explored a different trail so it was nice to see more of the park this time.  Again, there was a beautifully hand-carved stamp waiting for us.  On our return hike we saw someone preparing to fly their model airplane.  This wasn’t a small plane, the wingspan was at least 36 inches across.  Wow!  It was great to see the plane take off and fly all around the open area.  When we reached the parking lot, there was another person getting their model plane out of their vehicle.  This would be a fun place to return to see more planes flying around.  Etiquette for flying your plane is described on this page.

Our last stop at Sanford Road Park was the soccer field area.  The games had finally finished.  Even the parking lots were empty.  On the way to the box Mysteryas fell down in the stony parking lot; luckily he had only a few scrapes.  The letterbox was pretty easy to find and again contained a beautifully hand-carved stamp.  The logbook had a fun cover.  After picking up a hitchhiker, we headed to a different part of Milan for one last letterbox before dinner.

Thank you SITE Sleuths! We had a great afternoon exploring Sanford Road Park!

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