Pine Bend County Park

This past weekend our family visited several parks in Ottawa County (west of Grand Rapids, MI).  Our first visit was to Pine Bend County Park.  It was a crisp Saturday morning but we walked quickly.  The fall colors were great.

We eventually came upon some other letterboxers in the park.  Trail Troll was the first one on the trail that morning but we didn’t see her until much later.  At the first box, we came upon Milagro, The Best Nature Boy, Miss Behavin’, Wisconsin Hiker, and Martini Man.  The kids enjoyed letterboxing with other kids their age.  By the end of the hike we had hooked up with Trail Troll so there was quite a crowd at the last box.

Mysterina and Mysteryas exchanged stamps with Wisconsin Hiker and Martini Man.  (They had exchanged with the others before then.)  I think Wisconsin Hiker has a group photo.  Hopefully she’ll post it soon and I can link to it here.

The park was well maintained.  Although we didn’t have a trail map with us, there were maps along the trails so we didn’t get lost.  There was an outhouse and plenty of parking at the trail head.

[Additional Notes:  Wisconsin Hiker’s group photo didn’t turn out.  I did find a photo of part of the group hiking along the trails.  I think the pictured people are Mysterina, the Best Nature Boy, and Wisconsin Hiker.

Pine Bend Park Trail

Unfortunately it’s very dark (although it was taken around 9am).  Maybe it was just too cold that morning.  Milagro’s camera wouldn’t work at all.  Apparently our flash didn’t work that morning either.]

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  1. MichKathy says:

    Oops! Miss Behavin’ is in the picture too (between The Best Nature Boy and Wisconsin Hiker).

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