Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

Back in October, when we were in the Grand Rapids area, we stopped at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park on a Sunday afternoon.  It was a beautiful fall afternoon and the kids were looking forward to seeing the gardens.

The entrance was lined with HUGE pumpkins.  These were also throughout the park (indoors and outdoors).

One thing I forgot to bring was my membership card for a different botanical garden.  This would have saved me $12 on my entrance since only my husband’s name is on his membership card so only one he could be admitted for free.

There were many, many sculptures to see, we only saw a fraction of them.  One of the sculptures (of a tortoise), which we were hoping to see, was in storage.

Because the park has a photography policy, we aren’t able to post pictures of our visit; the best we can do is describe some of what we saw.  You may be able to find some of them by viewing the photos linked from here.

One of the most popular sculptures (and largest?) is The American Horse.  This is HUGE.  Standing near it or beneath it, you feel tiny.  There is a lot of detail in this sculpture.  This is one of the few sculptures you can touch (although much of it is out of reach due to its height).

Another sculpture I like is the red garden trowel named Plantoir.  Nearby is another favorite, a set of eggs.  I think the egg collection is entitled “Full Circle” and is made from ceramic materials.

It was a beautiful day so we didn’t spend much time indoors.  One of the few indoor sculptures that I recall was the chandelier called Guilded Champagne Gardens Chandelier.  It is made out of glass.

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