Pigeon Creek Park in West Olive

Last month our family visited several parks in Ottawa County, Michigan.  One of these parks was Pigeon Creek on Stanton Road.  It was a little cool when we arrived at 10 a.m. but the sun was shining and we knew it would be a beautiful day.  I think it was 70 degrees or warmer in the afternoon.

We ate lunch in the Lodge, which Deb had reserved for us.  The potluck had lots of good choices.  The lodge had a small kitchen, bathrooms, and lots of tables and chairs.

We didn’t do much hiking before lunch.  After lunch we hit the trails south of the lodge.  The trails were wide and somewhat sandy.  You did have to watch where you stepped since some of the trails were for horses.  We did see some horses with riders on the trails but not very many people except near trail intersections.

The fall colors were gorgeous: greens, yellows, oranges and reds.

Pigeon Creek Park trail

Pigeon Creek Park trail

Late in the afternoon we crossed Stanton Road and visited the north side of the park.  We didn’t find many letterboxes there.  I was surprised to see an area that was apparently being cleared.  Perhaps the park will be smaller next year?

I hope we are able to return to the area next year since there is so much more of this park to explore.

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