Agent Team: Return of the Man — Chapter 2 new plan

Agent L stood up. “I need to inform the other agents of this. You should go tell your Agent team.”
Agent P stood up. “Sure thing.”
Meanwhile, Agent T had arrived at his/her post near the President’s campsite. As soon as He/she had seen that the campsite was there, he/she had walkie-talkied base.
“Outspy to base, do you read me?” he/she had said.
“Loud and clear” Agent M had replied. He/she thought he/she had a good idea of what was coming next. So he/she was surprised when Agent T said,
“The springtime robins have returned!”
“Yes!” Agent M had cried. In the hideout, he/she had begun to jump up and down and pump his/her arms. “Yes, yes, yes!”
Agent T had wished he/she could do that, but that would definitely give away his/her hiding spot. Instead, he/she had waited and watched.
Then Agent M’s voice had came over the walkie-talkie. “Return to base. We’ll wait for Agent P.”

Soon all the Agents had returned to base. Agent P explained what Agent L had said.
“That means the poacher is still on the loose!” cried Agent T.
“This is more exciting then I’d hoped!” Agent J whispered to Agent S.
“Wow! I never expected a real mystery.” commented Agent Q. “I thought this only happened in books and movies.”
“We should get started right away.”declared Agent M. “Let’s split up to search these woods. Maybe we’ll find his hideout. I’ll go with XXXXXXXXXX.”
“I claim XXXXXXXXXX !” called Agent J.
“I’ll go with XXXXXXXXXX.” said Agent S.
“Great.” groaned Agent T. “That leaves me with XXXXXXXXXX .”
“What’s wrong with me?” asked Agent P.
Agent T continued to glare at Agent J. “Whatever.”
So the Agent team set off to search the forest. Agents M and Q searched the North, Agents J and N searched the West, Agents H and S searched the East, and Agents T and P searched the South.
Meanwhile, the FBI had already sent out search teams to comb the area for any sign of the poacher.
“But this is no ordinary poacher. They said he looked like one of us.” said Agent X. “I think something else is up.”
“I hope those Agents don’t try anything.” said Agent L. “They could be put in danger.”
Little did she know what would put the Agents in jeopardy and the FBI in panic.

© 2012 Christina Smith. All rights reserved.

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