Agent Team: The Return of the Man — Chapter 3 surprise search

Agent M and Agent Q continued through the woods. They were making a circle around the edge of the area they were searching. So far they had found nothing.
“Wait.” whispered Agent Q. “What’s that?”
Two figures dressed in black were making their way through the woods.
“Let’s follow them.” Agent M suggested.
However, a closer look at these figures revealed that they were not dressed in the FBI’s usual black, but in black sweatshirts. Agents M and Q had only been following them a short time when the figures whirled.
“Really.” said Agent Q. The figures were Agent H and Agent S.
“Great job.” Agent M commented. “We never knew you knew we were there.”
“Sorry.” apologized Agent H. “We thought you were the poacher.”
“We thought you were the poacher too.” replied Agent Q.
So the two teams continued their searches.
Soon Agent Q and M were walking along a fence at the edge of the park/forest.
Then Agent M spotted something in the woods. “Hey, what’s that?” he/she asked.
Agent Q took a closer look. “It’s another trap!” He/she cried.
Agent M came to look. “Wow!” He/she exclaimed. “This is a great clue!”
Agent Q looked at his/her map and marked an X on the spot were they were. “Now we can come back and find it later.” he/she explained.
“Look!” cried Agent M. “These broken sticks and trampled plants look like a trail. I bet this is how the poacher got here.”
“Let’s follow. Maybe we’ll find his hideout.” suggested Agent Q. He/she folded the map and put it in his/her pocket. “Let’s go!”
Meanwhile, the Man sat in the trees. He had heard the Agents exclaiming over the trap and climbed a tree. Now he watched the Agents make their way toward him.
“Don’t move or I’ll shoot.” The Agents looked up to see a man in dressed in black sitting in a tree. He was holding a gun and pointing it at them.” All right, you’re coming with me.” he said.
Now, neither Agent had ever been held at gunpoint before. But they decided not to take any risks. They walked in front of the Man as he took them through the woods to the edge of the park/forest. The Man opened a section in the fence, and they saw an old rundown house ahead. They went through the fence, and continued to walk, unsure of what lay ahead of them. But they realized that they were being kidnapped, and probably by the poacher.
© 2012 Christina Smith. All rights reserved.
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