Agent Team: The Return of the Man — Chapter 10 found!

The other Agents hurried over and saw what Agent S had found. It was a trap, one of the traps made by the poacher. And this trap had trail leading from it into the woods.
“I bet this trail leads to the poachers’ hideout!” exclaimed Agent J.
“And look! Here’s Agent Q’s pencil. They must have found it too. Maybe they were spotted by the poacher and he kidnapped them.” added Agent T.
“We’ll have to be careful not to get caught ourselves then.” said Agent H.
So the Agents made there way carefully through the woods along the trail, and soon came to the hole in the fence and the house where the two Agents were being held. Of course, they did not know this, at least not yet.

Meanwhile, Agent Q was still sitting guard in the bedroom. He/she was wondering how the President had been kidnapped. How had he discovered the camp in the first place? How had they managed to get in the camp and past the guards? What had happened to the FBI agents in the President’s tent? How had they managed to get the President out of the camp, and why had they bothered to bring the tent?
Then Agent Q gasped. Could it be? It was so impossible, but made so much sense. The Man had had an accomplice. The accomplice had had an FBI agent.
Just then, Agent M came downstairs. Agent Q told him/her about his/her theory. Agent M agreed that it seemed likely, but impossible. “We need to inform the FBI.” he/she exclaimed.
“Shame we’re stuck in a house away from civilization, with no way to tell anyone anything.” replied Agent Q.
“Anyhow, I came to relieve you of guard duty.” Agent M told him/her.
“Why not we both go upstairs? There’s nothing to do down here anyway.” Agent Q replied.
So the two Agents set off for the attic.

Meanwhile, the other Agents had moved around to the side of the house and concealed themselves in some bushes. Here they could see the guard, the kite, and three figures in the attic window. Agent A gave the secret Agent team birdcall whistle.
Agent M heard it, and immediately whistled the reply.
“What was that?” asked the President.
“That was our secret Agent signal.” replied Agent M. “One of the Agents is nearby!”
“Hopefully they find us and bring help.” added Agent Q. “Maybe we can escape!”
“I hope so.” sighed the President. “I have no clue what they want to do with me, but whatever it is, it can’t be good.”

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