Agent Team: The Return of the Man — Chapter 11 help?!

The Agents saw that there would be no easy way to rescue the two Agents that were in the attic. So they sent Agents T and N, who were some of the Agent team’s fastest runners, to go tell the FBI.
When the two Agents arrived in the FBI camp, it was chaos. The FBI were completely panicked. The gate guards were talking on the phone, and had to stop to let them in. Agents X and L weren’t in the tent, but were examining an empty spot in the middle of the clearing.
“What’s going on?” asked Agent T.
Agent L didn’t look up. “He’s been kidnapped.”
“The President!?” gasped Agent N.
“Yes. The two agents sleeping with him were found sleeping here. The tent was gone, as was the President, and Agent Z, who was really an imposter. He must’ve drugged the two agents and moved them outside of the tent. What I don’t understand is how he got the tent, with the President, out of the camp. Another guard was on duty, plus the two at the gate.”
“We have news too.” Agent T told her. “We found Agents M and Q. They are being held in a house with another person.”
“Maybe the President is that other person!” cried Agent X. “We need to investigate!”
Agent L went over to talk to another agent, while Agents T and N described the location of the house to Agent X, who described it to the person that he had just called on his phone. When they were finished, the two Agents and several FBI agents set off for the house near the northern edge of the woods.

Meanwhile, Agents M and Q, and the President of the United States, had reeled in the kite. Now they watched the Agents in the bushes. They had seen them send Agents T and N back to the FBI camp and decided to head back downstairs so they would have a better view through the larger window there. Then the guard suddenly checked his watch, and ran away. The Agents looked a each other. What was going on? Just then the door opened revealing the Man and the guard. Both held guns which were pointed at the President.
“Come with me. Don’t try anything or the President is shot.” said the guard.
The Agents were forced to walk between the two men out if the house and to the garage where a large truck was waiting. Then they were forced to climb into the back of the truck. The Man closed the door, and they heard him telling the guard to watch it so they didn’t escape. The Agents realized that the Man was going to make his getaway and take them with him.

© 2012 Christina Smith. All rights reserved.

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