Agent Team: The Return of the Man — Chapter 8 slim hope

After both groups had finished scouting the perimeter, the tired but worried Agents met back at the hideout. Neither had found any sign of the missing Agents.
“All we saw was a strange red and white bird about halfway around the perimeter.” said Agent A. “But it was getting dark and hard to see.”
“Hey! We saw that bird too. It was even in the same area you saw it in.” exclaimed Agent N.
“But that was all we saw.” Agent S added glumly. “I wish there was some easier way to find them.”
“We’ll have to check out the bird tomorrow. It’s to late to do anything tonight.” Agent J sighed. “I’m so worried. I hope they’re OK.”
“Yeah.” agreed Agent T. “But there’s nothing we can do about it tonight. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow.”
Then the Agents realized they had forgotten to eat dinner with all the commotion and the missing Agents. So they pulled out a stash of emergency cereal rations and ate dry cereal for supper. None of them felt like going out to eat. Then they pulled out their sleeping bags and went to bed.

Meanwhile, Agents M and Q had also noted the late hour. Since it was getting dark, they brought in the kite. Then they went downstairs and set about getting ready for bed. They both knew that the twin bed would be far too small for both of them. However, they discovered that the bed was made of two mattresses stacked on top of each other, so they could remove the top mattress and divide the blankets. They did so, and in this way they both had a place to sleep. So the two Agents turned off the lights and went to sleep.

By now, night had fallen on the woods. It had grown dark, and there was a bandit’s moon. (This means that there is no moon.) Almost everyone in the forest was asleep, except for a few guards in the FBI camp, and the Man and his gang. But if they had known what the Man and his gang were up to that night, none of the people in the woods would have slept well that night. In fact, few would have slept at all. The Man and was gang were putting into action their biggest, baddest, boldest, most devious plan yet. This plan was the first step to their glory, fame, and money, and possibly taking over the world.

The next morning, the Agent Q was the first one up. He/she groaned as he/she remembered his/her predicament. Then he/she noticed a large shape on one side of the bed that had not been there the night before. He/she carefully climbed out of bed and fetched the flashlight he/she kept in his/her coat pocket. He/she carefully shined toward the object. It was a tent, like the kind the FBI used. Agent Q cautiously unzipped the tent and looked inside. He/she gasped. There was a man inside the tent!

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