Agent Team: The Return of the Man — Chapter 7 schemes and searches

“That’s a good idea.” Agent M said excitedly. “We could use these craft supplies.”
“The Agents began to examine the box of craft supplies. Inside was  some paper, a small ball of string, some paper plates, and some crayons.
But how could we attract other peoples attention without attracting the guards attention? WE could make a sign, but the guards would notice.” Agent M pointed out.
“Maybe we could make a kite.” suggested Agent Q. “We could fly it over the trail. Maybe someone will see it.”
“Good idea.” replied Agent M.”
So the Agents set to work on the kite. Agent M took two paper plates, and wrote SOS on them with a red crayon. Agent Q used the string to tie the plates together, but left most it to be the kite’s string.
Then the Agents went to fly the kite. First they opened the attic window. Fortunately, a nice strong wind was blowing. Unfortunately, it was rather gusty. The Agents let go of the kite. It caught an updraft, and sailed high  over the guards, who did not notice. But instead of going toward the trail, it flew sideways and darted up, down, and around.The Agents tried to guide it toward the trail, but it was no use. However, they agreed to leave the anyway. Maybe someone would see it there.

Meanwhile, Agents H, S, J, and N were scouting the perimeter of the northern part of the woods. So far they had found nothing. Now they neared the halfway point, where they would meet Agents P, T, and A coming from the opposite direction. They had found no sign of the missing Agents.
“Hey! What’s that?” Agent N pointed to a spot in the air near the border of the woods.
The other Agents turned to see what Agent N had spotted.
“Where is it?” asked Agent J.
“I think I just saw it go behind those trees.” said Agent S.
“It was probably a bird or something.” Agent H determined.
The Agents continued to scout the perimeter. However, it was getting dark. They had flashlights, but it was harder to scout in the dark. Every so often they gave the Agent bird call whistle. There was no reply. Eventually they passed the other Agents and soon finished scouting the perimeter, having found nothing. They returned to the hideout. rather downcast.They had found nothing. They hoped the other Agents had found something. Otherwise, the Agents would be ruined. They would have no choice but to go to the police. And maybe the two Agents were in danger. Things were looking pretty bad for the Agents.

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