Agent Team: The Return of the Man — Chapter 13 chaos

By now Agent H had turned on the water and Agent S was pointing the hose at the truck’s windshield. Water was covering the windshield, so the man could not see. He angrily waved the gun and opened his window. “You…..” he began.
But then Agent S angled the hose toward the window. The Man rapidly closed it, but not before both he and the guard were soaked. At this point, he noticed that the gate was closed. He was furious, even beyond furious. He wanted to climb out of the truck and start shooting, but knew he’d be soaked before he could fire a shot. Besides, if they knew he was here, they could have gotten help. He wouldn’t have time to shoot them. So he gunned the engine and moved forward. The Agents were spraying water at the windshield again, and he could barely see through the windshield, even with the windshield wipers going as fast as they could. He rammed into the gate. Then he backed up and rammed it again.
He was backing up to ram it a third time when the gate burst open, though not in the direction he had intended. A team of police cars burst into the clearing and quickly surrounded the truck. Policemen and FBI agents leaped out and ran for the truck. As soon as the Man and guard had been captured, the truck was searched and the Agents and President were found. A team of helicopters had arrived, and the President was air lifted away. The Agents were questioned several times by the police and FBI. For a while, in the clearing, it was chaos.

After a while, people in the clearing began to leave. The policemen drove away, and soon the clearing was empty, except for a few FBI agents and the Agent Team.
“Congratulations. You caught two criminals and prevented the President of the United States from being kidnapped.” said Agent X. “You saved our country from possible disaster. My most sincere gratitude.”
“We wish we could award you and throw a banquet, but unfortunately we can’t. We don’t want word getting out that the President was kidnapped so easily. People would try to kidnap him for ransom, or even assassinate him. But you did a marvelous service to our country. Thank you very much.” Agent L explained.
Also, we have more bad news. We will be leaving, and unfortunately we won’t be coming back.” Agent X told them.
“Why not?” asked Agent T.
“We thought this was a secure location. But since the President was kidnapped from here…….” Agent L sighed. “I’m very sorry.”
“So I guess this is goodbye.” said Agent M.
The Agents sadly bid the FBI Agents goodbye. Then the FBI drove away, and the Agents returned to the hideout.

© 2012 Christina Smith. All rights reserved.

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