Agent Team: The Return of the Man — Chapter 12 getaway delay

Agents M and Q began to examine the back of the truck. Towards the front of the truck were some boxes filled with furs the poacher had been poaching.
Then Agent M got an idea. “Let’s hide in these boxes. Maybe we can delay them from leaving.”
So the three of them climbed into the boxes.
Just then the guard opened the back of the truck. “Boss,” he cried, “come here! They’re gone! They’ve escaped!”
“Stay here and guard the truck.” the Man replied. “I’ll go look for them.”
The guard frowned. Then he looked both ways and climbed inside the truck. He peered behind the boxes, then glanced inside of one. The President grinned back at him. “Hey boss,” the guard called, “I found them!”
The Man returned to the truck. “You mean they were in the truck the whole time!? You idiot, you should have checked there before you called me.”
Fortunately he ignored the Agents and the President and instead focused his anger on the guard. But he was facing the Agents, so they didn’t dare try to escape.

Meanwhile, the Agents in the bushes saw Agents M and Q and the President disappear from the window. Then they heard the truck’s engine start.
“Oh no!” cried Agent P. “He’s getting away!” He/she grabbed Agent A, and the two ran toward the driveway of the house. The truck was just pulling out of the garage. The two Agents leaped into the driveway.
“Stop right their in the name of the law!” cried Agent A.
The Man, who was driving the truck was stunned. What was a XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX doing here? No one was supposed to even come near here, especially people acting like policemen. Oh well. He decided that it didn’t matter. “Move or I’ll run you over!” the Man cried.
The Agents stood firm. “Murder means you go to jail for the rest of your life. I’m sure that’s worse than kidnapping.” Agent P informed him.
“It doesn’t matter if you don’t get caught.” the Man replied. He gunned the engine, and the Agents could see that he was willing to run them over. At the last minute they leaped out of the way of the oncoming truck.
Meanwhile, Agent H had an idea. He/she ran to the edge of the house, where a hose was sitting in the garden. He/she followed the hose to its end, where it was attached to a faucet. Agent S saw what he/she was doing, and grabbed the other end of the hose and ran toward the truck.
In the meantime, Agent J had gotten another idea. He/she had seen that the yard around the house was surrounded by a fence. At the end of the driveway there was a gate in the fence. He/she ran toward the gate, which was propped open.
Neither Agent’s ideas would necessarily stop the truck, but hopefully they could delay it until help arrived.

© 2012 Christina Smith. All rights reserved.

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