Agent Team: Death Man Chapter 1— Robot

This is the 3rd and final book in the Agent team series. It comes after Books 1 and 2 and the Christmas special. I highly recommend reading the first books first, if you want them not to be spoiled. Enjoy!

Agent Q was walking down the trail. Soon he/she came upon Agent H, who had stopped to tie his/her shoe.
“Code green,” whispered Agent Q.
Agent H kept walking, but Agent Q looked to make sure no one was coming and ducked into the woods. He/she took a secret Agent trail and arrived at the hideout about the same time as Agent H. It was the same drill they did every time they went to the hideout together, and it was one of the only drills the Agents still did anymore.

When the two Agents arrived, most of the other Agents were already at the hideout, which had been turned into a robotics workshop, centered around Agent R, the robot that the FBI had given them for Christmas. Agent M was sitting in front of a computer. He/she and Agent H were trying to program Agent R. Agents P, A, and N were sitting around Agent R, dressing him in an outfit they had picked out for him. Agent T had been waiting for Agent Q. The two were in charge of finding a place to plant Agent R and planting cameras around him. Agents S and J were in charge of finding some music for Agent R to “sing”. They had decided to record Agent M singing and use his/her voice for Agent R.

Now that everyone had arrived, the Agents stopped their work and gathered in the center of the hideout for a meeting.
“Are you ready yet?” Agent P asked Agent M.
“Just about,” replied Agent M. “I think we’ve figured out the cameras and the music player. We can add more later. I think it’s time for a field test. Is everyone else ready?”
“We’re ready,” Agent P announced. “We just finished dressing him a few minutes ago.”
“We’re almost ready,” said Agent Q. “All we need to do is install the cameras, and we can do that while you set up the robot.”
“We’re ready whenever you are,” agreed Agent J. “We’ve been done for the last few days.”
“All right then,” declared Agent M. “Let’s move.” He/she turned to Agents Q and T. “Lead the way.”

So the Agents departed from the hideout, but no one was empty handed.
Agents M and P both pulled wagons filled with Agent R’s parts. Agents S and A both carried instrument cases filled with Agent R’s parts. Agents Q, T and H carried the cameras, and Agents J and N carried Agent R’s clothing along with a map of the woods and camera to take pictures of Agent R. So it was a strange procession that arrived at the spot Agents T and Q had picked to place Agent R.
Once they arrived, the Agents set to work. Agents M, S, H, N, P, and A assembled the robot, and Agents Q, J, and T set up the cameras.

Once they had finished assembling and positioning the robot and cameras, the Agents returned to the hideout. Here they could watch Agent R through the cameras, and also see through Agent R’s camera. The robot had been placed near an intersection, so they could see all of the trails and the woods beyond. However, at first there wasn’t much of interest to see. A woman jogged by. A man came by walking a dog. Then two men came walking down the trail. One of the men was dressed in gray, and the other was dressed in black.

The two men were talking quietly, but the robot had a sensitive microphone so the Agents could hear what they were saying.
“We’ll hide the guns there ahead of time, in the restrooms. Then we won’t have to worry about getting past security.” the Man in Black was saying.
“But what if they find them?” asked the other man.
“We’ll plant extras,” the Man replied. “Maybe we can plant a few elsewhere too.”
Then the men were too far away for the microphone to detect them.

The Agents in the hideout looked at each other.
“Well, that was suspicious,” said Agent N.
“Definitely worth investigating,” agreed Agent A.
“We should go after them!” exclaimed Agent J.
“But they have too much of a head start,” argued Agent T. “By the time we get to Agent R, they’ll be long gone. We’ll never catch them.”
“Well, it won’t do any good to just sit around here arguing,” replied Agent J. “I’m going after them; whoever wants to come with me can come.” He/she stood up and made his/her way to the hideout’s entrance.
Agents H, S, M, A, P, and N followed Agent J out of the hideout. Agents P and H each grabbed a walkie-talkie on the way out. The other Agents remained in the hideout and continued to watch the video from Agent R’s cameras.

Soon most of the Agents arrived at the spot where Agent R was stationed. They waved to Agents Q and T who were watching through the cameras. Here they decided to split up. Agents A, N, and P took a shortcut through the woods to the next intersection of the trail the Man and his comrade had taken, and Agents H, S, M, and J began to jog down the trail that the Man and his comrade had taken.
When Agents A, P, and N arrived at the next intersection, there was no sign of the Man or his comrade. There was no way to easily track them either because so many people used the trail. The Man had gotten too much of a head start. They had lost him.

Soon the rest of the Agents had arrived at the intersection. Then they all set off for the hideout. On the way back, they walkie-talkied Agents T and Q.
“Outspy 1 to base, do you read me?” said Agent M.
“We read you loud and clear,” replied Agent T. “What’s your status?”
“We went down the trail, but there was no sign of the Man or his comrade. We’re headed back to base. Over.”
“OK. See you soon. Over and out.”
So the Agents returned to the hideout, some-what disappointed.
“Maybe they’ll come back tomorrow,” suggested Agent S.
“Good point,” agreed Agent M. “We should meet back here tomorrow and watch for them.”
So, agreeing to meet again tomorrow, the Agents departed from the hideout.

© 2012 Christina Smith. All rights reserved.

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