Agent Team: Death Man Chapter 2—Disappearance

The next day the Agents met back at the hideout. They checked the video from Agent R’s camera, but it showed nothing unusual or suspicious. Then they gathered in the center of the hideout to decide what to do.
“We should wait at the intersection for the Man and his friend and then follow them,” proposed Agent S.
“Good idea,” agreed Agent H, “but someone should stay here to watch the cameras.”
“All right,” consented Agent M. “but we should have two people stay. Also, if no one shows up after 20 minutes, we should meet back here.”
Agents A and P volunteered to stay at the hide-out, and the rest of the Agents departed for the intersection.

Once they arrived, they split into two groups and waited in hiding at the intersection where Agent R was stationed. Sure enough, they soon saw the Man and his comrade come walking down the trail. Like before, they were talking quietly, but all of the Agents could still hear them through the microphone.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” asked the Man’s friend.
“I’m sure,” replied the Man in Black. “This is the only way to avenge him.”
“But what if we get caught?” asked the man in gray. “We’ll go to jail for life, or worse.”
“It’ll be worth it,” the Man replied. “Besides, we won’t get caught. I’m too smart for that. This is going to be a piece of cake.”

By now the men had moved further along the trail, so the Agents began to follow them. The men walked casually along and soon came to a bend in the trail. They rounded the bend, and the Agents were not far behind them. However, once the Agents had rounded the bend, there was no sign of the two men! So the Agents split up. One group went on down the trail to see if the men were just further ahead. The other group began to carefully search the woods around the trail for signs of anyone having passed through or hiding there. Unfortunately, neither group found any sign of the men. Soon the Agents returned to the hideout, rather disappointed.

“Did you find anything?” asked Agent A.
“Not much. We lost them at a curve in the trail and couldn’t find them again,” replied Agent T.
“But did you hear what they said?” asked Agent J excitedly. “That was the most suspicious thing I’ve ever heard!”
“They’re up to something all right,” agreed Agent P. “First guns, now revenge and jail.”
“They said if they get caught they’ll go to jail for life. That could mean murder,” Agent Q said worriedly. “This is getting serious.”
“We should inform the FBI,” suggested Agent N. “They’ll know what to do.”

Even though the FBI had left the woods where the Agents’ hideout was located and were not going to return, Agent M still had a secret email account that he/she could use to communicate with the FBI using coded messages.

“Good idea,” agreed Agent M. “But in the meantime, I think we need to investigate the disappearance of the Man and his comrade.”
“But what if the men catch us?” asked Agent S. “If they’re murderers, they might kill us too.”
“Or we could get kidnapped like XXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXX,” agreed Agent P.
“We can investigate right now,” suggested Agent M. “The men have probably left by now.”
“Good idea!” exclaimed Agent T. “Let’s go!”

So the Agents hurriedly set off for the spot where the men had disappeared. They slowed down once they reached the bend.
“This is where we lost them,” explained Agent H.
Once the Agents had rounded the bend, they began to examine the woods on both sides of the trail. On one side of the trail, there was a lot of undergrowth, which would have been trampled if anyone came through it. However, it was perfectly intact. On the other side of the trail there was a small body of water surrounded by trees and bushes a short distance off the trail. The Agents examined the area around both sides of the trail. However, there was no sign of the Man or his comrade. Finally, they had to return to the hideout as it was almost time for the Agents to go home.

On the way back, Agent P had an idea. “Maybe they didn’t really disappear. Maybe they saw you and just hid somewhere until you had passed.”
“No. We checked the woods carefully as soon as we lost them. There was no one there,” replied Agent S.
Agent Q shook his/her head. “It just doesn’t make sense. How can two men disappear?”
But no one had an answer to this question, although all of the Agents wanted an explanation.

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