Agent Team: Death Man Chapter 3—Following

When the Agents arrived at the hideout the next day, Agent M was very excited.
“I was going to email the FBI to ask about the Man, when I discovered that there was a message from them,” he/she told them. “It was warning us to be careful, because apparently, one of the men who kidnapped the President is still on the loose. He is very dangerous and may be looking for revenge.”
“Revenge?” exclaimed Agent A. “Wasn’t that what the Man was saying yesterday?”
“Yeah. He said something about avenging someone,” agreed Agent T.
“What if the Man is the wanted person that the FBI is looking for?” asked Agent S.
“We should inform the FBI right away,” exclaimed Agent H.
“I’ll get right on it,” replied Agent M. “But what should we do in the meantime?”
“We should follow the Man again,” suggested Agent J. “Only this time we should have a few people waiting in the area where he disappeared. Maybe they can discover how he did it.”
“But how will they hide without the Man discovering them while he prepares to disappear?” asked Agent P. “Maybe there’s a secret passage in that part of the woods, and the Man or his comrade could go to open a trapdoor and find an Agent hiding behind a tree.”
“What if someone were to casually walk by just as the men were about to disappear?” suggested Agent Q.
“But how would they know when the men were about to disappear?” asked Agent A.
“Someone following them could give the Agent signal when they neared the bend,” replied Agent Q.
“Great idea!” cried Agent M. “Any volunteers to follow the Man and his comrade?”
“We will!” exclaimed Agents A, P, and N.
“I call watching them disappear!” exclaimed Agents T and J at the same time.
“And I’ll go with them,” added Agent H.

The rest of the Agents agreed to stay at the hideout and keep in contact with the others by walkie-talkie.
So everyone except Agents M, Q, and S departed from the hideout. Agents A, N, and P headed for the spot where Agent R stood watching the intersection. But Agents T, H, and J headed for the spot where the Man and his comrade had disappeared.

Once the group of Agents arrived at Agent R’s intersection, they waved to Agents M, Q, and S, who were watching through the cameras. Then they hid in the woods nearby and began to wait. Sure enough, they soon saw the Man and his comrade coming down the trail.

“But how will we get in?” the Man’s comrade was asking. “They’ll be able to track us if we buy tickets.”
“We’re not going to buy tickets,” the Man replied. “We’ll get in the same way as the guns. Or, we can make fake tickets.”
“Wow. You really are a genius,” his comrade replied. “I’m really glad that you’re behind this plan, and not some other idiot.”

Then the men were far enough along the trail for the Agents to begin to follow them.

So the Agents followed the men down the trail until the men came to the bend. Then they gave the secret Agent birdcall whistle.

Meanwhile, Agents T, H and J heard the whistle and began to walk toward the spot where the men had disappeared. They arrived just in time to see the men hurrying into the woods. They followed the men into a grove of trees, but when the Agents entered the grove, there was no sign of the men. Agents J, H, and T returned to the trail where Agents A, P, and N were waiting.

“Did you find anything?” Agent P asked eagerly.
“We followed them into the woods, but they disappeared into a grove of trees,” replied Agent T.
“Then they must have an entrance to a base there!” exclaimed Agent N. “Let’s go look for it. Come on!”
“First we should contact the hideout and tell them what we found,” advised Agent J.
“Good idea. I’m sure they’re wondering what we found,” agreed Agent A.
So Agent T pulled out his/her walkie-talkie and radioed Agents M, Q, and S, who were at the hideout.
“Outspy to base, do you read me?”
“We read you loud and clear,” replied Agent Q.
“We followed the men into the woods, but they disappeared into a grove of trees. We’re going to look around for a possible entrance to some sort of base.” Agent T told him/her.
“We’ll meet you there,” agreed Agent Q, “But be careful. The men are probably still inside. Don’t let them know you’re there.”
“Gotcha. Over and Out.” Agent T put away the walkie talkie. “Let’s go.” he/she told the group. “But be careful. We can’t let the men know that we’re here.”
So the group of Agents stealthily entered the grove of trees.

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