Agent Team: Death Man Chapter 8—Gunpoint

On the day of the event, the Agents met outside of the bathrooms in the XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX and reviewed the plan. Agent S would keep an eye on the man from a hiding spot near the man’s position. Agent Q would be doing the same with the man’s comrade. They would be using arm signals to communicate with Agent H, who would have a walkie-talkie. The other walkie-talkie would be manned by Agent M who would be with Agent J near the front to inform the FBI after the men began to shoot. Agent J would be text any important information to Agents N and T, who would sit with the crowd and wave the signs right before the men fired, and to Agents A and P, who would be on the roof to tell the FBI where the men went when they tried to get away.

Then the Agents split up and went to their posts. Soon the men arrived and went to the upper sections as they had planned. Agents Q and S signaled this to Agent H, who relayed it through their communication system. Now they had to wait for XX:XX, when the men planned to shoot the President.

The Agents watched as the President climbed up to the podium where he would address the crowd. Soon he began his speech. The Agents listened as they waited for the time of the shooting to arrive.

However, Agent S was watching the man as he listened to the President. The man pulled out a phone and dialed a number. Then he waited and said briskly, “Change of plans. Everything twenty seconds after you hang up.” There was a pause. “Of course.” Another pause. “OK.” Then the man put his phone away. Agent S realized that the men now planned to shoot in twenty seconds

Meanwhile, Agent H was watching for any signal from Agents Q and S. He/she saw Agent S waving frantically. Agent S was making a gun with one hand and counting down from five over and over with the other hand. Agent H described these signals to Agent M over the walkie-talkie.
“Roger that,” replied Agent M. “Any idea what it means? Over.”
“I don’t know. But from the look on XXXXXXXX’s face, it’s pretty important. Over.”

As they were talking, Agent J relayed this information to the rest of the Agents. When Agent N heard, he/she looked at his/her watch and saw that the time when the men planned to shoot was in ten seconds. “Of course,” he/she thought, “XXXXXXX realized it was time for them to shoot.” Then he/she waved his/her sign in the air.

In the meantime, Agent S looked over the crowd. He/she saw Agent N raise his/her sign, and realized that Agent T apparently had not understood. Unless he/she acted, the Man would shoot the President, and no one would stop him. So Agent S tackled the Man.

After a few minutes, Agent N lowered the sign. There had been no gunshot. Then he/she noticed that there a dart stuck in his/her sign. Of course! The men had used dart guns! He/she texted this to Agent J and began to make his/her way toward the front.

Agent H noticed Agent S leave his/her post. So he/she reported this over the walkie-talkie.
“This could be very bad,” replied Agent M. “We’ve just heard from Agent N. The men have already shot, but for some reason XXXXXXX had his/her sign in the air and intercepted a dart. Apparently they used dart guns. Over,”
“You should talk to the FBI. Show them the dart XXXXXXX intercepted. They ought to believe you now. Over,” advised Agent S.
“XXXXXXX is on his/her way. We’re waiting for him/her to get here. Over,” replied Agent M.
“All right. I’ll tell you if anything else happens. Over,” said Agent S.
“Yeah. We will too,” agreed Agent M. “Over and out.”

Agent Q had seen the Man’s comrade talk on the phone. He/she had watched him holding his gun, then suddenly firing it. He/she had been surprised, because there was no noise, and it was too early. He/she had looked at his/her watch. It was only XX:XX; the men planned to shoot in twenty minutes! Agent Q had turned to look over the crowd, and seen Agent N waving his/her sign. Somehow Agent N had known that the men were shooting early. Then he/she had realized why the shot had been so quiet. Of course! The men had used dart guns.

Meanwhile, Agent S was captured. The Man had initially been caught by surprise. But he had his dart gun, and soon had it pointed at Agent S. “All right. No funny business,” the Man told him. “Now what do you think you’re doing?”
“I saw you aiming the gun. You were going to shoot it.” replied Agent S.
The Man kept the gun trained on Agent S. “One word and you’re dead,” he warned.

© 2013 Christina Smith. All rights reserved.

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