Agent Team: Death Man Chapter 9—Prisoners

The man turned away to phone his comrade as Agent S listened.
“I’ve got news. Someone tried to tackle me just before I shot. I got them here prisoner.”
There was a pause.
“The XXXXXXXX says they just saw me aiming the gun, but I think there’s something more going on. See if there’s anyone suspicious looking over there.”
Another pause.
“All right. I don’t want anything to ruin this. The hard part is over. Soon we’ll be home free!” Then the man hung up.

Agent Q saw the Man’s comrade receive yet another phone call. He/she wondered what it was about. Unfortunately, he/she was too far away to make out what the comrade was saying. Agent Q hoped it wasn’t another change in plans. The last one had nearly caused a disaster!

Then the comrade hung up and put his phone away. He began to look around. Agent Q quickly looked away and pretended to be watching the President’s speech. He/she didn’t notice when the comrade sneaked up behind him/her and pointed the gun at his/her back. “Don’t move or I’ll shoot,” the comrade said softly.

In the meantime, Agent H had been watching for Agent S. He/she saw the Man looking around, and then spotting him/her. He/she put the walkie-talkie in his/her pocket and began casually walking away toward the lower levels.
After walking a short distance, Agent H glanced behind and noticed Agent S waving frantically with the Man standing next to him/her. Agent S was making a finger gun and pointing it at himself/herself. Agent H realized that the Man was threatening to shoot Agent S and began to walk toward the Man.

Soon Agent H was standing next to Agent S while the Man questioned them.

“All right. I know you two are up to something,” the Man announced, keeping the gun pointed at the two Agents. “Tell me, how did you know about my plan?”
“What plan?” asked Agent H. He/she had hidden the walkie-talkie in his/her pocket and was attempting to transmit their conversation.
“You know! To do what you” —he indicated Agent S— “tried to stop me from doing!”
“And what would that be?” inquired Agent H. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
The Man glanced around, then bent down and whispered, “To shoot him.”
“To shoot who?” asked Agent H in a much louder tone of voice.
“Yeah. Who were you shooting?” agreed Agent S.
“Keep your voices down or I’ll shoot you.” the Man said in a loud whisper. “And what’s that noise?” He had heard the walkie-talkie buzzing  in Agent H’s pocket.

Meanwhile, Agents, N, M, and J were trying to convince the FBI that the President had nearly been killed. They had given them the sign with the dart in it, and were trying to get the FBI to come capture the men.
“If we hurry, we can still catch them!” cried Agent N.
Just then they heard a noise from the walkie-talkie. It was mostly static, but they could make out the phrase, “stop me” and the word “shoot” was repeated several times.

“That’s XXXXXXXX!” cried Agent M. “They must have been captured by the men!”
“It certainly sounded suspicious,” agreed the FBI Agent. “I’ll go check it out. Do you have any idea where this is coming from?”
“The Man was seated in the upper left section, and his comrade was in the upper right. They might still be there,” explained Agent J.
“All right. Let’s go!” determined the FBI man.
So the Agents and the FBI agent set off to find the Man.

Meanwhile, the Man was still holding the two Agents at gunpoint. He had confiscated the walkie-talkie, and was questioning the Agents about it.
“Why do you have this?” he asked, holding up the walkie-talkie.
Neither Agent answered.
“If you don’t tell me, I’ll shoot you,” the man threatened.
“Aren’t you going to shoot us anyway?” Agent S bravely pointed out.
The Man considered this. “I suppose. So instead, I’ll shoot the President.”
“Is that who you were trying to shoot?” asked Agent H.
The Man ignored this question. “So tell me, why do you have a walkie-talkie? If you don’t, I’ll shoot the President.”
“Don’t answer him,” warned Agent S. “If he shoots the President, I’ll tackle him and scream. He won’t be able to stop me because the gun will be pointed at the President.”
“Then I’ll shoot you first, then shoot the President,” replied the Man.

Just then Agent H saw an FBI agent approaching the Man. Behind him was Agents M, N, and J. All of them had been close enough to hear the Man’s previous statement.
The FBI agent stopped in front of the Man. He had pulled out his gun and pointed it at the Man. “Stop! FBI! Put down your weapon!”

© 2013 Christina Smith. All rights reserved.

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