Agent Team: Death Man Chapter 10—Escapes

Meanwhile, Agent Q was sitting near the Man’s comrade while he held him/her at gunpoint. The comrade hadn’t bothered to question him/her, and so both of them were sitting in silence.
Suddenly, the comrade’s phone rang. He answered it, and then frowned. He held the phone in front of him, and Agent Q could hear it. It was very hard to understand, but he/she could tell that there was someone other than the Man talking.
The comrade hung up and stood up. “Come on. We’re leaving,” he told Agent Q gruffly.
Agent Q walked in front of him as he kept him/her at gunpoint. Together they made their way to where the Man was stationed.

“If you try anything, I’ll shoot XXX,” threatened the Man, his gun still pointed the two Agents. “In fact, if I think that you’re going to try anything, I’ll shoot XXX.”
“You know that if you shoot anyone, I’ll shoot you,” replied the FBI agent. He kept his gun pointed at the Man, and the Man kept his gun pointed at the Agents.
Both of them would have stayed there for several more minutes, but suddenly Agent T came out of nowhere and tackled the FBI agent, screaming, “Duck!”

He/she had remained in the crowd holding his/her sign until he/she had received word that the FBI were going to investigate the Man. Then he/she had made his/her way toward the Man and seen Agent Q frantically pointing at the comrade, who was standing next to him/her behind the FBI and Agents who were confronting the Man. The comrade was aiming his gun, and as Agent T got closer, he/she saw that it was aimed toward the FBI agent.

Agent T had immediately sprinted to the FBI agent and tackled him. A dart flew over his head and stuck on Agent H’s jacket. The Man and his comrade broke into a run, fleeing toward the lobby area. The FBI agent leaped up and ran after them, followed by Agents M, Q, H, N, and S. But Agent J immediately texted Agents A and P. “They’re escaping! Now!”

Agents A and P had gotten bored just sitting on the roof. They had explored the roof and and found a pair of skateboards hiding behind a fan. They had then moved the skateboards to the opposite end of the roof so the men would be delayed trying to find them. Then the two Agents sat down near the edge of the roof by the fire escape and waited.
“I wish we could do more than just sit here and watch the men get away,” sighed Agent P.
“Yeah, the rest of them get to do all the fun stuff while we just sit here and wait,” agreed Agent A. “I wonder if we could somehow delay the men more.”
“But how? If we try anything, the men will kill us with their guns. Then we won’t be able to tell which way they go. They’ll probably get away, and we’ll be dead.”
“We wouldn’t get in their way. Just another delay, like hiding the guns.”
“Wait. I have it! We’ll block the door to the roof so the men can’t get through!”
“But they’ll know we were here, and if they get through, we’re dead.”
“You’re right. Too risky.”
The two Agents sat in silence, thinking.

“What if we could put something in front of the door to make it harder for them to get through?” asked Agent P.
“But how would we get through without removing it? But maybe. . . yes! We’ll put a sign on the door that says ‘Caution: slippery when wet.’ Then we’ll pour water on the floor so they’ll have to go slowly!” exclaimed Agent A.
“How do we get water to the roof?” asked Agent P.
“Hmm, we’d need buckets or something. Then again, we could use our water bottles.”
So the two Agents set to work. After they’d emptied their water bottles by the door, Agent P went off to find a drinking fountain with which to refill the water bottles, and to find a pen and paper for the sign. Agent A agreed to stay on the roof with the phone in case there was a change of plans.

Soon Agent P returned with a pen and paper and two newly filled water bottles. He/she began to empty the bottles onto the roof while Agent A went to work on the sign.
Just then Agent A’s phone went off. Agent A pulled it out and saw the text from Agent J. “They’re escaping! Now!”
“They’re coming!” Agent A cried.
Agent P finished emptying the water bottle and the two Agents ducked behind an air conditioning unit.

Meanwhile, Agents M, Q, H, N, and S, had lost the men in the lobby area. The FBI agent had alerted the security guards in case they tried to leave the building.
“We’ve got them trapped,” he told the Agents as they scanned the crowd to see which way the men had gone.
“But they planned to escape to the roof and go down the fire escape,” remembered Agent M.
“They did? Of course!” exclaimed the FBI agent. He took off running, and the Agents ran after him. As they ran, two other FBI agents joined them.

By then the man and his comrade had burst through the doorway to the roof. They ran past the air conditioning unit the Agents were hiding behind and continued toward the fan where they had hidden their skateboards. As they ran, the comrade slipped in the puddle and almost lost his balance, then kept running.
The Man reached the fan, stopped, and cursed violently. “Someone stole our boards. We’ll have to run for it!” he cried. Then he started toward the fire escape, his comrade close behind him.

As the men fled down the fire escape, the two Agents ran to the edge of the roof to see which way the men were going. Just as the men leaped off the fire escape, three FBI men arrived, followed by Agents M, Q, H, N, and S.
“They went that way!” exclaimed Agent P, pointing to the men who were running down the street.
The FBI men leaped off the roof and began to climb down the fire escape. As they did so, several police cars arrived and surrounded the men. The FBI agent had called backup as he and the Agents had run towards the stairs to the roof, so the police had been ready for the men. The Agents watched as the police handcuffed the men and took them away.

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