Agent Team: Death Man Chapter 11—Denouement

Just then Agents J and T ran onto the roof. They hurried over to the edge by the fire escape where the rest of the Agents stood.
“Have they been caught?” asked Agent T as he/she caught his/her breath.
“Yep.” Agent P pointed to the men, who were being put into a police car.
“Good!” exclaimed Agent J. “I’m glad they’re captured and we’re all safe.”
Just then some FBI agents and policemen arrived on the roof to talk to the Agents. They questioned the Agents several times about what had happened. At last the Agents were finally allowed to leave.

When the Agents finally left the roof, they returned to the area where the President was still speaking. There they stayed to watch the rest of the President’s speech. After the President was done, the Agents went to their homes.

A few days later, the Agents met at their hideout to review what had happened.
“We might have been killed if it wasn’t for you,” Agent S told Agent T.
“We were incredibly lucky. So many things could have gone wrong,” replied Agent T.
“Yeah. If XXXXXXX hadn’t attempted to transmit the men’s conversation when XXX was captured, the men might have gotten away,” agreed Agent P.
“Not only that, but you, XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX, and I might have all been killed. But we can’t forget about how you and XXXXXXXX stole the skateboards and were able to show the FBI which way the men had gone,” added Agent H.
“And how XXXXXXXX remembered that the men were on the roof, XXXXXXXX texted XXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXX that the men were coming, XXXXXXXX tackled the FBI agent, XXXXXXXX tackled the man, and XXXXXXXX intercepted the Man’s dart,” added Agent Q. “By the way, how did you know to put up your sign?” He/she turned to Agent N.
“What do you mean? I looked at my watch, and it was time for the men to shoot, so I put up my sign.”

Agent S looked puzzled. “The men were shooting much earlier than they planned. I overheard their phone call and tried to signal Agent H, but XXX didn’t understand,” explained Agent S. “Your watch must have been off.”
“But it was fine when when we arrived here. I made sure it was perfectly set so I would know exactly when to raise the sign.”
“That is an incredible coincidence. Your watch somehow
got off by XX minutes so that you put up your sign right as the Man shot? That is incredibly lucky,” marveled Agent J.
“I don’t think it was luck. I think it was God protecting us,” Agent N pointed out.
“You’re right. That’s too impossible to be a coincidence,” agreed Agent A.
“Let’s say a prayer to thank God for protecting us and the President,” suggested Agent M.
So the Agents formed a circle and said a prayer of thanks to God.

Just as they finished, they heard voices coming from the monitor that receives the video feed from Agent R. The Agents turned to look at it and saw Agents X and L standing in front of the robot.
“We’d like to talk to you. Meet us in the clearing in a few minutes,” Agent L was saying.
The Agents immediately departed their hideout and headed for the clearing where the President had camped.

As they walked, the Agents speculated why the FBI wanted to talk to them.
“They probably want to thank us for saving the President,” determined Agent A.
“You’re right. It’s almost certainly about that,” agreed Agent J.
“I hope this isn’t as bad as last time. Last time we saved the President, they thanked us by leaving,” complained Agent T.
“It would be really nice to get some sort of reward or recognition,” added Agent S, “but they’ll keep it all hush-hush.”
“Well, we’ll find out soon enough,” remarked Agent P as the Agents approached the clearing.

As the Agent reached the clearing, they saw Agents X and L waiting for them.

“We thought that since you were instrumental in preventing the President from being shot, you deserved to know a bit more about the men and their plans,” explained Agent L.
“You see, the man who shot at the President had been part of the group who kidnapped the President,” related Agent X. “Originally they had all been poachers in these woods. They found the President’s camp and realized whose it was. So they decided to kidnap the President and hold him for ransom.
“The man who shot at the President had piloted a helicopter and lowered ropes to which the fake Agent Z tied the President’s tent. But he was not there when the men were caught, so he got away. Apparently he wanted revenge for his comrades who were caught. He didn’t know about you and assumed the President had escaped on his own. So he and ‘Agent Z’ made plans to shoot the President.”
“Now that we’ve updated you, we want to reward you,” continued Agent L. “We’d present you with medals, and give you all kinds of awards, only, as you know, we have to keep this a secret. So we’re planning on having you stay in these woods and keep an eye out for more criminals here. Let us know if you see anything suspicious.”
“And in the future we’ll try to be better about answering emails,” added Agent X. “I didn’t check that email account until the day after the event, and if I had, we might have prevented the whole thing.”
“And we want to thank you, once again, for your efforts to stop the men. Without you, the President might have been shot and killed,” finished Agent L.

“You’re very welcome, but it wasn’t just us. So many things could have gone wrong, but God was protecting us,” replied Agent M.
There was an awkward silence.
Then Agent J said, “Thanks for telling us about the Man. Hopefully we’ll hear from you soon.”
“Bye!” added Agent P as the Agents followed Agent J out of the clearing.

The Agents were quiet as they walked back to the hideout. Once they got there, Agent Q broke the silence.
“Since they apparently won’t be rewarding us, let’s have a party. We’ll break out some snacks, and just relax for a while.”
“You’re right,” agreed Agents M. “We need a good party. But we’ll need some music. And we should have it outside.”

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` * ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` *Epilogue* ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` * ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `
On a certain top secret date, in a certain top secret town, in a certain top-secret park, a certain group of people could be seen dancing by a creek. If you were there to watch them (please contact me at once), you would have noticed that one of them was not dancing, but was fishing in the creek. The rest were dancing to some music which seemed to come from the fisherman. “Uh huh, oh yeah, uh huh, oh yeah . . .”

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