Agent Team: The Return of the Man — Chapter 4 kidnapped!

Now, neither Agent, of course, had any experience with being kidnapped. They had read books where characters got kidnapped, seen movies where characters got kidnapped, and knew that then, characters were kidnapped all the time. For example, the Hardy boys and Nancy Drew were kidnapped or trapped in every book. And they always escaped and saved the day.
But being logical, Agents M and Q knew that these stories were fiction. They had simply never expected to be kidnapped. Such were the thoughts racing through their heads as they were locked in a room in the house.
They also thought about their families and loved ones, and the other Agents. Would they ever see them again?
In stories, characters would escape and save the day. But this was not a story. Anyhow, the Agents sat in silence in the room.
Finally, Agent M broke the silence. “What do you think he’ll do with us?” he/she asked.
“I honestly have no idea. I feel like I’m part of a story.” replied Agent Q. “I mean who even dreams of catching an FBI Agent and being kidnapped by a poacher?”
“All right then. ” Agent M declared. “Maybe there’s a way to escape. I think we’ve found our hideout.” He/she double checked the door. It was locked, and there was no keyhole to unlock it.
Meanwhile, Agent Q checked the window. It wouldn’t open, and they were two stories up besides.
Next, the Agents proceeded to check the rest of the room.
“Hey!” called Agent Q. “I think I’ve found something!”
Agent M saw that he/she was in the room’s small closet. He/she came over to look.
“Look!” Agent Q pointed at the ceiling. Sure enough, there was a trapdoor in the ceiling of the closet. Agent M reached up and opened it. Unfortunately, there was no staircase or ladder, so the Agents could not climb into the attic.
“That’s a shame. We can’t get up there.” sighed Agent M.
“Maybe we could find a stool or something.” suggested Agent Q.
However, the room, which was a simple bedroom, had only a twin size bed and a desk and chair in one corner. The Agents took the chair into the closet. Then Agent M climbed onto the chair. Now he/she could easily reach the edge of the trapdoor, but he/she wasn’t high enough to climb into the attic. He/she climbed off the chair.
Then Agent M had an idea. “Let’s bring the desk over. Maybe we can put the chair on top of the desk.”
“I’m not sure if the desk is sturdy enough to hold you and the chair.” replied Agent Q.
But Agent M had already moved the chair and was pushing the desk toward the closet. Once he/she had it aligned under the trapdoor, he/she climbed on top of it. Now he/she could see into the attic.
“Pass me the chair.” he/she called.
Agent Q passed him/her the chair. Agent M climbed onto it and managed to climb into the attic. Agent Q climbed up, and Agent M helped him/her into the attic.

© 2012 Christina Smith. All rights reserved.

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