Agent Team: The Return of the Man — Chapter 5 worries and arguing

Meanwhile, the rest of the Agent team had returned to the hideout. It had been an hour and a half since they’d started out, and Agents M and Q still weren’t back. The Agents were beginning to worry.
“We should have taken walkie-talkies. Then we could contact them.” sighed Agent H.
“But Agent M didn’t specify a time limit. Maybe they’re still searching.” Agent T pointed out.k
“But it’s dinner time. We’ll be leaving to eat soon. They knew that.” argued Agent S.
“I think we need to call the police and contact everyone.” declared Agent J, 15 minutes later when they should have been heading out to go to dinner.
“But we would have to tell them everything. The Agent team would end.”exclaimed Agent S.
“We need to do it anyway. There’s no other way.” declared Agent J.
“You want to give up the Agent team? No way! I am NOT giving up the Agent team. What would Agent M want us to do?” Agent T asked. “Besides, we could always go searching ourselves.”
“No way!” cried Agent J. “We could get ourselves lost!”
So the Agents continued to argue about what to do. They had planned to go to dinner and sleep at the hideout, but now everyone was arguing. Some thought they should wait, or go searching themselves. Other agreed with Agent J and wanted to go to the police. They would have argued the night away, but then Agent A showed up.
Agent A had not been able to make it to the first part of the meeting, but planned to go to dinner and the sleepover and miss the usual activities. However, he/she’d been running late. Now he/she entered the hideout. “What’s going on?” he/she asked. “I could hear you from the trail.”
“They want to give up the Agent team.” declared Agent T.
“Why?” asked Agent A.
“Because Agents M and Q are missing. We went searching for the poacher and they never came back.” explained Agent P.
“OK, start from the beginning. What did I miss?” asked Agent A.
The Agents explained how they had found out about the poacher and went to search for him. They told about how they had become worried when the two Agents did not return and begun to argue about what to do.
“I think we need to pray.” said Agent N.
Everyone agreed. So they sat in a circle and prayed.
Then Agent H said, “We need to contact Agent L. She’ll know what to do.”
So the Agents got up and left the hideout. They crept through the darkening woods, lit only by the glow of their flashlights. They made their way silently through the forest. Most of the Agents were worried. What would happen? Were Agents M and Q in danger? Would it be their fault that they’d failed to rescue them? Would they have to give up the Agent team forever?

© 2012 Christina Smith. All rights reserved.

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