Agent Team: The Return of the Man — Chapter 6 hope for rescue

Soon the Agents arrived at the FBI camp. They entered the camp in twos and threes, each group waiting to show itself. Once they were in the camp, they went to see Agents X and L. Then they explained what had happened.
Agent L frowned. “those two have enough sense to be back by now. It’ll be dark soon.”
“I think something is very wrong.” agreed Agent X. “So why don’t we arrange a search for those Agents?”
“Is there a way we can help?” asked Agent T.
The two FBI agents looked at each other.
“You said that they were searching the North. And Agents H and S saw them in the Northeast.” said Agent L.
“They seemed to be scouting the perimeter like we were.” Agent S added helpfully.
“Then why don’t you scout the perimeter and see what you can find.” suggested Agent X.
“But stick together. If you need to split up, use walkie-talkies.” added Agent L.
So the Agents departed and met back at the hideout. They agreed to split into two groups and work their way around the perimeter in opposite directions. They also agreed that each group would have two walkie-talkies and meet at base in an hour. Thus began their search.

Meanwhile, Agent M and Q had searched the attic. There were boxes full of old clothes, and an old dollhouse. But most interesting was the box of old craft supplies and window, which actually opened. But they couldn’t just climb out the window and escape, because there were men patrolling around the outside of the house, and no where to hide for several yards. Now the two Agents decided to head back downstairs. It was getting to be dinner time, and they knew the Man might come back to check on them soon.
Sure enough, after they had just finished putting the desk back, the door opened a tiny bit. Put of the crack they could see the end of a gun and some bags, which were flung into the room. Then the door closed and they heard it lock.
Agent Q shook his/her head as he/she looked at the bags. The Man, for their dinner, had purchased two hamburgers from McDonald’s, and a large fry.
Agent M sighed. “McDonald’s is not my favorite, but I suppose.”
“I really don’t like it either, but who knows when we’ll eat again?” replied Agent Q.
So they two of them began to eat their hamburgers. They decided to save a little, in case they had no breakfast the next morning. Then they climbed into the attic.
Agent M looked out the window. “If it weren’t for the guards, and I had some rope, we could escape.” he/she noted.
“Even if we made a rope out of bedsheets or something, the guards are still a problem.” agreed Agent Q. “But what if instead of trying to escape, we could try to help others rescue us?”

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