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Agent Team: Death Man Chapter 3—Following

When the Agents arrived at the hideout the next day, Agent M was very excited.
“I was going to email the FBI to ask about the Man, when I discovered that there was a message from them,” he/she told them. “It was warning us to be careful, because apparently, one of the men who kidnapped the President is still on the loose. He is very dangerous and may be looking for revenge.”
“Revenge?” exclaimed Agent A. “Wasn’t that what the Man was saying yesterday?”
“Yeah. He said something about avenging someone,” agreed Agent T.
“What if the Man is the wanted person that the FBI is looking for?” asked Agent S.
“We should inform the FBI right away,” exclaimed Agent H.
“I’ll get right on it,” replied Agent M. “But what should we do in the meantime?”
“We should follow the Man again,” suggested Agent J. “Only this time we should have a few people waiting in the area where he disappeared. Maybe they can discover how he did it.”
“But how will they hide without the Man discovering them while he prepares to disappear?” asked Agent P. “Maybe there’s a secret passage in that part of the woods, and the Man or his comrade could go to open a trapdoor and find an Agent hiding behind a tree.”
“What if someone were to casually walk by just as the men were about to disappear?” suggested Agent Q.
“But how would they know when the men were about to disappear?” asked Agent A.
“Someone following them could give the Agent signal when they neared the bend,” replied Agent Q.
“Great idea!” cried Agent M. “Any volunteers to follow the Man and his comrade?”
“We will!” exclaimed Agents A, P, and N.
“I call watching them disappear!” exclaimed Agents T and J at the same time.
“And I’ll go with them,” added Agent H.

The rest of the Agents agreed to stay at the hideout and keep in contact with the others by walkie-talkie.
So everyone except Agents M, Q, and S departed from the hideout. Agents A, N, and P headed for the spot where Agent R stood watching the intersection. But Agents T, H, and J headed for the spot where the Man and his comrade had disappeared.

Once the group of Agents arrived at Agent R’s intersection, they waved to Agents M, Q, and S, who were watching through the cameras. Then they hid in the woods nearby and began to wait. Sure enough, they soon saw the Man and his comrade coming down the trail.

“But how will we get in?” the Man’s comrade was asking. “They’ll be able to track us if we buy tickets.”
“We’re not going to buy tickets,” the Man replied. “We’ll get in the same way as the guns. Or, we can make fake tickets.”
“Wow. You really are a genius,” his comrade replied. “I’m really glad that you’re behind this plan, and not some other idiot.”

Then the men were far enough along the trail for the Agents to begin to follow them.

So the Agents followed the men down the trail until the men came to the bend. Then they gave the secret Agent birdcall whistle.

Meanwhile, Agents T, H and J heard the whistle and began to walk toward the spot where the men had disappeared. They arrived just in time to see the men hurrying into the woods. They followed the men into a grove of trees, but when the Agents entered the grove, there was no sign of the men. Agents J, H, and T returned to the trail where Agents A, P, and N were waiting.

“Did you find anything?” Agent P asked eagerly.
“We followed them into the woods, but they disappeared into a grove of trees,” replied Agent T.
“Then they must have an entrance to a base there!” exclaimed Agent N. “Let’s go look for it. Come on!”
“First we should contact the hideout and tell them what we found,” advised Agent J.
“Good idea. I’m sure they’re wondering what we found,” agreed Agent A.
So Agent T pulled out his/her walkie-talkie and radioed Agents M, Q, and S, who were at the hideout.
“Outspy to base, do you read me?”
“We read you loud and clear,” replied Agent Q.
“We followed the men into the woods, but they disappeared into a grove of trees. We’re going to look around for a possible entrance to some sort of base.” Agent T told him/her.
“We’ll meet you there,” agreed Agent Q, “But be careful. The men are probably still inside. Don’t let them know you’re there.”
“Gotcha. Over and Out.” Agent T put away the walkie talkie. “Let’s go.” he/she told the group. “But be careful. We can’t let the men know that we’re here.”
So the group of Agents stealthily entered the grove of trees.

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Agent Team: Death Man Chapter 2—Disappearance

The next day the Agents met back at the hideout. They checked the video from Agent R’s camera, but it showed nothing unusual or suspicious. Then they gathered in the center of the hideout to decide what to do.
“We should wait at the intersection for the Man and his friend and then follow them,” proposed Agent S.
“Good idea,” agreed Agent H, “but someone should stay here to watch the cameras.”
“All right,” consented Agent M. “but we should have two people stay. Also, if no one shows up after 20 minutes, we should meet back here.”
Agents A and P volunteered to stay at the hide-out, and the rest of the Agents departed for the intersection.

Once they arrived, they split into two groups and waited in hiding at the intersection where Agent R was stationed. Sure enough, they soon saw the Man and his comrade come walking down the trail. Like before, they were talking quietly, but all of the Agents could still hear them through the microphone.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” asked the Man’s friend.
“I’m sure,” replied the Man in Black. “This is the only way to avenge him.”
“But what if we get caught?” asked the man in gray. “We’ll go to jail for life, or worse.”
“It’ll be worth it,” the Man replied. “Besides, we won’t get caught. I’m too smart for that. This is going to be a piece of cake.”

By now the men had moved further along the trail, so the Agents began to follow them. The men walked casually along and soon came to a bend in the trail. They rounded the bend, and the Agents were not far behind them. However, once the Agents had rounded the bend, there was no sign of the two men! So the Agents split up. One group went on down the trail to see if the men were just further ahead. The other group began to carefully search the woods around the trail for signs of anyone having passed through or hiding there. Unfortunately, neither group found any sign of the men. Soon the Agents returned to the hideout, rather disappointed.

“Did you find anything?” asked Agent A.
“Not much. We lost them at a curve in the trail and couldn’t find them again,” replied Agent T.
“But did you hear what they said?” asked Agent J excitedly. “That was the most suspicious thing I’ve ever heard!”
“They’re up to something all right,” agreed Agent P. “First guns, now revenge and jail.”
“They said if they get caught they’ll go to jail for life. That could mean murder,” Agent Q said worriedly. “This is getting serious.”
“We should inform the FBI,” suggested Agent N. “They’ll know what to do.”

Even though the FBI had left the woods where the Agents’ hideout was located and were not going to return, Agent M still had a secret email account that he/she could use to communicate with the FBI using coded messages.

“Good idea,” agreed Agent M. “But in the meantime, I think we need to investigate the disappearance of the Man and his comrade.”
“But what if the men catch us?” asked Agent S. “If they’re murderers, they might kill us too.”
“Or we could get kidnapped like XXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXX,” agreed Agent P.
“We can investigate right now,” suggested Agent M. “The men have probably left by now.”
“Good idea!” exclaimed Agent T. “Let’s go!”

So the Agents hurriedly set off for the spot where the men had disappeared. They slowed down once they reached the bend.
“This is where we lost them,” explained Agent H.
Once the Agents had rounded the bend, they began to examine the woods on both sides of the trail. On one side of the trail, there was a lot of undergrowth, which would have been trampled if anyone came through it. However, it was perfectly intact. On the other side of the trail there was a small body of water surrounded by trees and bushes a short distance off the trail. The Agents examined the area around both sides of the trail. However, there was no sign of the Man or his comrade. Finally, they had to return to the hideout as it was almost time for the Agents to go home.

On the way back, Agent P had an idea. “Maybe they didn’t really disappear. Maybe they saw you and just hid somewhere until you had passed.”
“No. We checked the woods carefully as soon as we lost them. There was no one there,” replied Agent S.
Agent Q shook his/her head. “It just doesn’t make sense. How can two men disappear?”
But no one had an answer to this question, although all of the Agents wanted an explanation.

© 2012 Christina Smith. All rights reserved.

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Agent Team: Death Man Chapter 1— Robot

This is the 3rd and final book in the Agent team series. It comes after Books 1 and 2 and the Christmas special. I highly recommend reading the first books first, if you want them not to be spoiled. Enjoy!

Agent Q was walking down the trail. Soon he/she came upon Agent H, who had stopped to tie his/her shoe.
“Code green,” whispered Agent Q.
Agent H kept walking, but Agent Q looked to make sure no one was coming and ducked into the woods. He/she took a secret Agent trail and arrived at the hideout about the same time as Agent H. It was the same drill they did every time they went to the hideout together, and it was one of the only drills the Agents still did anymore.

When the two Agents arrived, most of the other Agents were already at the hideout, which had been turned into a robotics workshop, centered around Agent R, the robot that the FBI had given them for Christmas. Agent M was sitting in front of a computer. He/she and Agent H were trying to program Agent R. Agents P, A, and N were sitting around Agent R, dressing him in an outfit they had picked out for him. Agent T had been waiting for Agent Q. The two were in charge of finding a place to plant Agent R and planting cameras around him. Agents S and J were in charge of finding some music for Agent R to “sing”. They had decided to record Agent M singing and use his/her voice for Agent R.

Now that everyone had arrived, the Agents stopped their work and gathered in the center of the hideout for a meeting.
“Are you ready yet?” Agent P asked Agent M.
“Just about,” replied Agent M. “I think we’ve figured out the cameras and the music player. We can add more later. I think it’s time for a field test. Is everyone else ready?”
“We’re ready,” Agent P announced. “We just finished dressing him a few minutes ago.”
“We’re almost ready,” said Agent Q. “All we need to do is install the cameras, and we can do that while you set up the robot.”
“We’re ready whenever you are,” agreed Agent J. “We’ve been done for the last few days.”
“All right then,” declared Agent M. “Let’s move.” He/she turned to Agents Q and T. “Lead the way.”

So the Agents departed from the hideout, but no one was empty handed.
Agents M and P both pulled wagons filled with Agent R’s parts. Agents S and A both carried instrument cases filled with Agent R’s parts. Agents Q, T and H carried the cameras, and Agents J and N carried Agent R’s clothing along with a map of the woods and camera to take pictures of Agent R. So it was a strange procession that arrived at the spot Agents T and Q had picked to place Agent R.
Once they arrived, the Agents set to work. Agents M, S, H, N, P, and A assembled the robot, and Agents Q, J, and T set up the cameras.

Once they had finished assembling and positioning the robot and cameras, the Agents returned to the hideout. Here they could watch Agent R through the cameras, and also see through Agent R’s camera. The robot had been placed near an intersection, so they could see all of the trails and the woods beyond. However, at first there wasn’t much of interest to see. A woman jogged by. A man came by walking a dog. Then two men came walking down the trail. One of the men was dressed in gray, and the other was dressed in black.

The two men were talking quietly, but the robot had a sensitive microphone so the Agents could hear what they were saying.
“We’ll hide the guns there ahead of time, in the restrooms. Then we won’t have to worry about getting past security.” the Man in Black was saying.
“But what if they find them?” asked the other man.
“We’ll plant extras,” the Man replied. “Maybe we can plant a few elsewhere too.”
Then the men were too far away for the microphone to detect them.

The Agents in the hideout looked at each other.
“Well, that was suspicious,” said Agent N.
“Definitely worth investigating,” agreed Agent A.
“We should go after them!” exclaimed Agent J.
“But they have too much of a head start,” argued Agent T. “By the time we get to Agent R, they’ll be long gone. We’ll never catch them.”
“Well, it won’t do any good to just sit around here arguing,” replied Agent J. “I’m going after them; whoever wants to come with me can come.” He/she stood up and made his/her way to the hideout’s entrance.
Agents H, S, M, A, P, and N followed Agent J out of the hideout. Agents P and H each grabbed a walkie-talkie on the way out. The other Agents remained in the hideout and continued to watch the video from Agent R’s cameras.

Soon most of the Agents arrived at the spot where Agent R was stationed. They waved to Agents Q and T who were watching through the cameras. Here they decided to split up. Agents A, N, and P took a shortcut through the woods to the next intersection of the trail the Man and his comrade had taken, and Agents H, S, M, and J began to jog down the trail that the Man and his comrade had taken.
When Agents A, P, and N arrived at the next intersection, there was no sign of the Man or his comrade. There was no way to easily track them either because so many people used the trail. The Man had gotten too much of a head start. They had lost him.

Soon the rest of the Agents had arrived at the intersection. Then they all set off for the hideout. On the way back, they walkie-talkied Agents T and Q.
“Outspy 1 to base, do you read me?” said Agent M.
“We read you loud and clear,” replied Agent T. “What’s your status?”
“We went down the trail, but there was no sign of the Man or his comrade. We’re headed back to base. Over.”
“OK. See you soon. Over and out.”
So the Agents returned to the hideout, some-what disappointed.
“Maybe they’ll come back tomorrow,” suggested Agent S.
“Good point,” agreed Agent M. “We should meet back here tomorrow and watch for them.”
So, agreeing to meet again tomorrow, the Agents departed from the hideout.

© 2012 Christina Smith. All rights reserved.

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Agent Team: The Return of the Man – Chapter 14 now what?

On the way back to the hideout, the Agent Team was silent.
Agent Q marveled at how just yesterday, they had been having another boring drill. Since then, he/she had been kidnapped along with the President of the United States, rescued, and then the FBI had thanked them, left, and that was it. All of this had happened within the last 24 hours.
Agent A turned to Agent M. “What happened to you guys in the truck? We heard that you escaped, but then they found you.”
“We hid in some boxes at the back of the truck. The guard thought we had escaped, but then he found us. The Man wasn’t very happy when he found out that it was just a false alarm. And by the way, what happened to you guys while the Man was trying to get away? We heard weird noises from the truck.”
“XXXXXXXXX and I tried to stop the man by standing in front of the truck, but then he tried to run us over. Agents S and H sprayed water at the windshield, and Agent J locked the gate. The Man was trying to ram the gate when the police showed up.” Agent A replied.
Just then the agents arrived at the hideout.
“I can’t believe it. We saved the President of the United States and they thank us by moving out? Unbelievable.” Agent J said angrily.
“We should thank God that we saved the President of the United States in the first place. And we rescued XXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXX.” replied Agent P.
“Yeah. But it’s still sort of a bummer.” sighed Agent S. “We do this great thing, and get nothing for our trouble. And then they pack up and leave.”
Agent Q wondered what would happen to the Agent Team, now that the President was gone. Would people just pack up and leave? Would the Agent Team end?
As if voicing these thoughts, Agent H asked, “But what do we do now? We just rescued the President of the United States. You don’t get much better than that. I don’t really want to go back to drills and investigating things like gloves and business cards, if you know what I mean.”
“Well,” replied Agent M, “We still have that robot from Christmas. We could try to use that.”
“But it wouldn’t be the same.” sighed Agent T.
“I don’t think any of us will be the same after this.” Agent Q said. “But I like the idea of using that robot.”
“You know,” said Agent A, “I think we need to have a party. After all, we did find Agents M and Q. And we rescued the President.”
“And we need to eat. We haven’t eaten since breakfast.” added Agent N. He/she went over to the cupboard and pulled out the leftover cereal.
So the Agents ate the cereal, listened to music, and played games until it was time to leave. Then they departed from the hideout, agreeing to meet again soon.


© 2012 Christina Smith. All rights reserved.

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